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SP1ARE Station - Poland

Geocode: 53.593653, 21.681442 Locator: KO03UO12SL

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    WIRES-X (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System)

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    DMR (Digital mobile radio)

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    D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio)

Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System is an Internet communication system which expands the range
of amateur radio communication.
For WIRES-X, an amateur node station connecting to
the Internet is used as the access point and connects
the wireless communication to the Internet.
Users' stations can communicate with other amateur stations all over the world using a node within the radio wave range.

Digital mobile radio is a limited open digital mobile radio standard defined in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). DMR was designed with three tiers, tiers I and II.

Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio is a digital voice and data protocol specification for amateur radio. The system was developed in the late 1990s by the Japan Amateur Radio League and uses minimum-shift keying in its packet-based standard. There are other digital modes that have been adapted for use by amateurs, but D-STAR was the first that was designed specifically for amateur radio.

About Me

My name is Arek ...

I was ...

Born in 16968 in Szczecinek, city in the nord-west part of Poland. Szczecinek QTH: JO83IR11KC

I am ...

Retired military officer of the Polish Navy

I enjoy my civil life

I am passionate about:

  • Amateur Radio
  • Cooking
  • My plants

I like...

  • Smart people
  • Interesting conversations
  • Good cousine


I don't have much equipment, to start with

  • Icom IC-7300 v3 (HF)
  • Yaesu FT-3D (C4FM, Wires-X)
  • Ailunce HD1 (DMR)
  • 2x Baofeng UV-5R
  • Hotspots (Pi-Star)
  • ...


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